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[※ドイツ盤 品番:IMFLP5.00020P][盤面=良好,スレ薄キズ EX][ジャケット=概ね良好,リングウェアなど EX][※保護外袋・保護内袋を新品交換して配送致します][店舗併売の為、時間差で売切れの場合がございます。何卒ご了承の上ご注文をお願い申し上げます] A1 –John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers I'm Your Witchdoctor 2:10 A2 –Eric Clapton Snake Drive 2:30 A3 –T.S. McPhee* Ain't Gonna Cry No More 3:05 A4 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* I Tried 3:00 A5 –Eric Clapton Tribute To Elmore 2:05 A6 –Jo-Ann Kelly I Feel So Good 2:50 B1 –John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Telephone Blues 3:50 B2 –T.S. McPhee* You Don't Love Me 2:20 B3 –Eric Clapton West Coast Idea 2:15 B4 –Jo-Ann Kelly Ain't Seen No Whisky 2:55 B5 –Stone's Masonry Flapjacks 2:40 B6 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* Cold Blooded Woman 3:50 C1 –John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers On Top Of The World 2:45 C2 –T.S. McPhee* Someone To Love Me 2:25 C3 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* Can't Quit You Baby 3:35 C4 –Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Draggin' My Tail 3:56 C5 –Dharma Blues Band Dealing With The Devil 3:07 C6 –Jeremy Spencer Who's Knocking 2:30 D1 –Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Freight Loader 2:43 D2 –Jeremy Spencer Look Down At My Woman 3:05 D3 –Dharma Blues Band Roll 'Em Pete 2:07 D4 –Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Choker 1:21 D5 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* True Blue 4:10 D6 –T.S. McPhee* When You Got A Good Friend 2:38 E1 –Cyril Davies & The Rhythm & Blues All-Stars* Someday Baby 2:45 E2 –The All-Stars* Featuring Jeff Beck Steelin' 2:36 E3 –The All-Stars* Featuring Jimmy Page L.A. Breakdown 2:02 E4 –The All-Stars* Featuring Jeff Beck Chuckles 2:21 E5 –The All-Stars* Featuring Jimmy Page Down In The Boots 3:26 E6 –The All-Stars* Featuring Nicky Hopkins Piano Shuffle 2:50 F1 –Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Miles Road 2:25 F2 –Santa Barbera Machine Head* Porcupine Juice 3:14 F3 –Santa Barbera Machine Head* Albert 3:19 F4 –Santa Barbera Machine Head* Rubber Monkey 2:37 F5 –Stuff Smith (2) Howlin' For My Darling 3:20 G1 –Albert Lee & Tony Colton The Next Milestone 3:50 G2 –Earl Vince & The Valiants Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight 2:41 G3 –Dave Kelly (3) New Death Matter 3:27 G4 –Jo-Ann Kelly Backwater Blues 3:13 G5 –Rod Stewart So Much To Say 3:10 G6 –Dave Kelly (3) Married Woman Blues 3:40 H1 –Albert Lee & Tony Colton Water On My Fire 3:27 H2 –Jo-Ann Kelly Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pockets 2:46 H3 –Dave Kelly (3) Alabama Woman 3:45 H4 –Albert Lee Crosstown Link 3:50 H5 –Dave Kelly (3) All Night Long 2:04 H6 –Simon* & Steve* Down And Dirty 2:44